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Program Outline


Level Approx. Age Classical Ballet Modern Jazz Tapping Contemporary Acrobatics
4yrs 4yrs PP4: Ballet & Jazz (Exam name: Pre Theatrical & Performing Arts
5yrs 5yrs PP5: Ballet, Jazz & Tap (Exam name: Theatrical & Performing Arts A)
Level 1 6-8yrs Level 1 Ballet, Jazz & Tap (Exam name: CSTD Pre Ballet, Theatrical & Performing Arts B, Preliminary 1 Tap) Level 1 AcroArts:
Skill Level – Beginner
(min. age 7 yrs)Level 2 AcroArts:
Skill Level – Cartwheel

Level 3 AcroArts:
Skill Level – Teddy Bear Stand, Handstand to Bridge

Level 4 AcroArts:
Skill Level – Walkover

Level 6 AcroArts:
Skill Level – Aerial

7-8yrs Level 2 Ballet, Jazz & Tap (Exam name: CSTD Primary Ballet, Pre-Modern Jazz, Preliminary 2 Tap)
Level 3 8-9yrs CSTD Grade 1 Ballet Junior Jazz Elementary Bronze Tap
Level 4 9-10yrs CSTD Grade 2 Ballet Grade 1 Jazz Elementary Silver Tap
Level 5 10-11yrs CSTD Grade 3 Ballet Grade 2 Jazz Elementary Gold Tap
Level 6 11-12yrs RAD Grade 4 Ballet Grade 3 Jazz Intermediate Bronze Tap
Level 7 12-13yrs RAD Grade 5 Ballet Grade 4 Jazz Intermediate Silver Tap Foundation Level Contemporary
Level 8 13-14yrs RAD Intermediate Foundation Ballet Grade 5 Jazz Intermediate Gold Tap Level 1 Contemporary
Level 9 14-15yrs RAD Intermediate Ballet Grade 6 Jazz Grade 6 Tap Level 2 Contemporary
Level 10 15-16yrs RAD Advanced Foundation Ballet Grade 7 Jazz Grade 7 Tap Level 3 Contemporary
Level 11 16-17yrs RAD Advanced 1 Ballet Grade 8 Jazz Grade 8 Tap Level 4 Contemporary
Level 12 17-18yrs RAD Advanced 2 Ballet Grade 9 Jazz Grade 9 Tap Level 5 Contemporary
Open 18+yrs Open Ballet Open Jazz Open Tap Open Contemporary
Please note – this is an approximate guide. Actual levels for each genre will be determined by entrance age and progress.
Pre Program – 4yrs

For students turning 4yrs within the calendar year. Students will study Classical Ballet and Modern Jazz in a combined 1hr lesson.

Pre Program – 5yrs

For students turning 5yrs within the calendar year. Students will study Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Tapping in a combined 1.5-hour lesson.

Program Levels 1 and 2

Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Tapping are combined into a 2hr combined class. Students will gain strong fundamentals in dance at these levels.

Program Level 3 and Above

Students may study a minimum of two genres at Jitterbugs Swingapore®. Classical Ballet must be taken. Students may opt to take contemporary classes when they reach the appropriate level. Acrobatics classes may also be taken and are grouped according to skill level.

Open Classes

When all examinations are completed, students may opt to join our open jazz, tap, ballet, and contemporary classes. These classes will only be available to students who have completed their training at Jitterbugs Swingapore®. Classes will consist of open unset technique and choreography and will serve to maintain technique and continue to develop dancers to enter into pre-professional and/or professional dance programs and/or companies, continue students’ development towards becoming a professional teacher, or maintain an interest in dance whilst continuing to pursue another career.

Teaching Certificate and Diploma Programs

Once completed the entire syllabus for a particular genre, dancers can work closely with our teachers towards obtaining CSTD Teaching Certificate/s and Diploma/s. These accreditations are recognized worldwide. Arrangements for Certificate and Diploma training will be made privately on request.