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  • Program Policies
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  • Payment Policies
  • Studio Etiquette

Studio Policies

Program Policies

  1. Though we strongly advise all three core genres are studied, we require students to study a minimum of two core genres at Jitterbugs Swingapore® (Classical Ballet is a compulsory genre). The following class combinations may be taken:
    • Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz & Tapping.
    • Classical Ballet & Modern Jazz.
    • Classical Ballet & Tapping.
    • Modern Jazz and Tapping (with Classical Ballet studied under another reputable dance program)
    • Level 1 and Level 2 Program students must understudy Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz and Tapping with Jitterbugs Swingapore.
    • Senior students from Grade 4 Modern Jazz upwards will be invited to study Contemporary. This genre is strongly encouraged as it further develops a strong and mature performer. This genre could be combined with any other one genre.
    • All students are invited to join Acrobatics and Private/Semi Private Vocal classes.
    • For the senior student who has studied the CSTD syllabus for 8-10 years or more, at the Director’s discretion, we will allow them to study one genre with Jitterbugs (as long as ballet is being studied). Eg. A student has completed the syllabus examinations in Tap, Contemporary and Ballet, is busy with university, but would really like to work towards and complete their final jazz examination.
  2. Classical ballet must be studied. If students are enrolled in an external Ballet program, they are required to inform Jitterbugs Swingapore® what studio and level they are enrolled in, and update us on their exam performance each year by providing a digital copy of the exam certificate.
  3. New students may enter our Pre Program and at Level 1 without experience. From Level 2 onwards, students may only enter our program with previous dance experience (examination based or otherwise). New students will be placed into the appropriate levels according to experience.
  4. All students are required to take CSTD/RAD dance examinations to progress to the next level. This is applicable for Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tapping and Contemporary. CSTD Examinations will be taken in November of each year and RAD Examinations will be taken in either September or April of each year. Examinations are compulsory for all students. Those students enrolled in Vocal classes are required to take the LAMDA examinations and those enrolled in Acro classes will take the Acrobatic Arts examinations. Teachers will review six weeks prior before the examinations to ensure all students taking the examinations meet the examination standard. Jitterbugs Swingapore reserves the right to withdraw any students who cannot perform the examination standard. As the examination entries have to be submitted 3 months ahead of examinations, there is no refund for the exam entry fees paid.
  5. All students are encouraged to perform in our annual concert.
  6. A select team of students will be invited each year to participate and represent the studio in local and / or international competitions. All students attending Jitterbugs Swingapore® may ONLY compete with Jitterbugs Swingapore®. Our students are not permitted to compete with any other dance school in any dance competition, even if the genre they wish to compete in is not studied at our studio. Any student/s found to be competing with others schools will not be permitted to continue at Jitterbugs. From 2022 onwards, competitive solo, duo and trio items will only be offered to those students who understudy all three core genres; Jazz, Tap and Ballet with Jitterbugs Swingapore®.
  7. Change of schedule: Should there be unforeseen circumstances (eg. COVID-19 pandemic) that requires the weekly schedule to be changed, students are expected to be able to available to attend the new scheduled timings. In the scenario that a student is able to do so, a refund for lessons not attended will be given.
  8. Jitterbugs Swingapore® reserves the right to amend it’s policies at the discretion of the directors at any time.

Studio Policies

Uniform Policies

  1. Jitterbugs Swingapore® uniform must be worn for all term classes.
  2.  Other suitable dance attire may be worn for competition and/or exam coaching lessons.
  3.  Hair should be neatly secured for Jazz, Tap and Contemporary classes, and must be tied in a ballet bun for all ballet and pre-program classes. Competition students must have their hair in a neat, gelled bun for all competition coaching lessons and technical classes.
  4.  Students should take pride in their appearance at all times.
  5. All uniforms, dance shoes and accessories can be purchased from Jitterbugs Swingapore® reception. If a student purchases any item outside of Jitterbugs, they will be asked to purchase again from Jitterbugs if not the correct brand. All uniform items have been selected with safety first and foremost, followed closely by quality, craftsmanship, aesthetic look and long lasting ability.
  6.  Do remember to label EVERY ITEM your child owns. When changing, items often get misplaced or left behind. This will ensure best possible chance of your item being returned to you. Labels should be discreet. Please do not label outside, underneath or on top where the label will be visible.

Studio Policies

Payment Policies

  1. The family rate refers to families with two or more siblings enrolled in the Pre-Program and/or Program at Jitterbugs Swingapore®.
  2. All payments will be accompanied by a receipt sent to you via email.
  3. For payment of Term Fees, statements will be sent out to parents by the 7th week of the current term for payment for the next term. Parents have until the last day of the current term to pay in full. We will not accept partial payment and partial payment does not mean that your child can remain in the class that is partially paid for. If payment is not received in full, your child will be withdrawn from Jitterbugs Swingapore®. Any re-enrolment into the next term after the due date will attract a re-enrolment fee. Eg. For 2023 Term 2 Fees, statements will be sent out by the 7th week of 2023 Term 1 and the last day for payment is the last day of 2023 Term 1.
  4. For Concert and Exam Fees, if not paid by the due date, we will withdraw the child accordingly. For Exams, if your child does not take the exam, he/she will not be allowed to progress to the next level.
  5. For Competition Fees, if fees are not paid on time, we reserve the right to withdraw the child from competition at any time, and/or he/she may not be considered for the next year’s comps. For group items, we will re-pattern if necessary.
  6. Any withdrawal from specific genres must comply with our other policies and require the Artistic Director’s written consent.
  7. We do not permit credit for private lessons or merchandise. Payment must be made upfront.
  8. If a student is absent from one or more classes, no replacement lesson will be offered in place of the student’s missed regular class/es. Where there are two timing options for one level, transferring between classes to make up a missed lesson is not permitted. If a student is falling behind in their classes due to missed lessons or otherwise, they can request a chargeable private lesson, and we will accommodate them where possible.
  9. If a student is absent from a private vocal class or a private competition class, the class will not be made up unless a medical certificate is provided. If a student is unable to attend a private lesson, a swop with another student must be arranged by the parent otherwise the class will be forfeited.
  10. In the event a teacher is absent, and a relief teacher is unable to be provided, the class will be made up on an alternate date, or the fee for that class will be credited to the family account. While we do our best to ensure class cancellations are minimal, if at all, sometimes due to injury or sickness, this is unforeseeable and/or unavoidable. At Jitterbugs Swingapore® we fully utilize our studios to offer the most comprehensive program possible to our students. As such, there is not a lot of free studio time. We aim to make up lessons on the same day and time as they are usually scheduled during a week where there are no regular classes scheduled. If this is not possible, we will schedule at the most convenient alternate day and time. If a student is unable to attend a makeup lesson arranged for a reason deemed valid by the studio Directors, we will credit the family account.
  11. Any fees paid or partially paid will NOT BE REFUNDABLE unless Jitterbugs Swingapore® states otherwise.
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
Non-Family Rate $349.92 (per 9wk term) $353.16 (per 9wk term)
Family Rate $311.04 (per 9wk term) $313.92 (per 9wk term)
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
Non-Family Rate $524.88 (per 9wk term) $441.45 (per 9wk term)
Family Rate $466.56 (per 9wk term) $402.21 (per 9wk term)
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
Non-Family Rate $874.80 (per 9wk term) $882.90 (per 9wk term)
Family Rate $797.04 (per 9wk term) $804.42 (per 9wk term)
Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Conditioning, Technical Training & Acrobatics
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
Non-Family Rate $437.40 (per 9wk term) $441.45 (per 9wk term)
Family Rate $398.52 (per 9wk term $402.21 (per 9wk term)
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
Non Family + Family Rate $729.00 (per 9wk term) $735.75 (per 9wk term)
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
Non Family + Family Rate (Per Student) $437.40 (per 9wk term) $441.45 (per 9wk term)
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
Non Family + Family Rate $874.80 (per person, per 9wk term) $882.90 (per person, per 9wk term)
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
Non Family + Family Rate $656.10 (per 9wk term) $662.18 (per 9wk term)
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
Private w/ Artistic Director $162.00(per hour) $163.50(per hour)
Private w/ Teacher $140.40 (per hour) $141.70 (per hour)
Private w/ Teaching Assistant $108.00 (per hour) $109.00 (per hour)
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
New Students (Only) $43.20 $43.60
From 2023 with 8% GST From 2024 with 9% GST
Existing students (who re-enroll after the Term Fee due date and priority enrolment period) $43.20 $43.60

* All fees inclusive of 9% GST

Studio Policies

Studio Etiquette

  1. For the safety and security of our students, entry and use of the Dancers’ Room will be restricted to: students (female and male), accompanying parents, siblings, guardians and caregivers (female only), staff of Jitterbugs (female and male). All dads, grandpas, male family members and friends will not be permitted to enter the Dancers’ Room at all times. This rule will be strictly enforced. In the instance that a Father or Male Caregiver is required to assist a young child with changing, please feel free to approach our reception team and request to use the office space. Please refrain from changing the clothes of the young child outside Studio 1 or Studio 2. We have witnessed such situation on a few rare occasions. This may affect the well-being of the child in the long-run and also cause uneasiness among the people who are present nearby. Additionally, we ask that all Female caregivers do not wait inside the dancers room to avoid overcrowding. The Dancers’ Room ought to be a space where the students should feel safe, secure and at ease. As such, the above will be strictly enforced.
  2.  It is very important that your child maintains a strong attendance record at Jitterbugs Swingapore®. Important work is taught in every single class, particularly during term 3 when we are learning our examination work. If your child is absent for more than one lesson, it is very important that you let us know in advance. If your child misses a couple of lessons, they may require additional private lessons to help them catch up on work missed. We do highly recommend that if it is essential to miss a class, your child should arrange to meet up with their classmates to find out (and catch up on) the work taught in the missed class.
  3.  Please be punctual for all classes. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, dancers will not be permitted to enter the dance studio. Apart from it being a basic courtesy to the teacher and fellow students, being on time means the class can start and end on time. Being on time does not mean arriving to the studio at the start of class time. Students should be at the studio at least 15mins prior to their class time to warm up and revise. Our program aims to instil character traits of teamwork, discipline and selfcontrol. To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is unacceptable!
  4. Students should be dress in accordance to our Studio Attire and Uniform Policies. No street shoes permitted inside the dance studios. A neat and tidy appearance is part of the discipline and pride of dancing. Our dance uniform is form-fitting and sleek so that the teacher can see the body. Baggy tee shirts, cardigans and sweaters obscure the body and may hide mistakes. Please ensure that your child wears the correct Jitterbugs Swingapore® uniform for each of their term classes. Suitable non-uniform dance attire may be worn for exam and/or competition coaching if desired. Hair that is more than shoulder-length long should be tied up in a neat ponytail with hair off the face for jazz, tap, contemporary. In Ballet classes, all girls MUST have their hair in a classical Ballet bun. Please label all clothing items – leotards, capris, skirts, wraps and shoes, including other items which your child may bring to class – resistive band, tennis ball, water bottle, etc. It helps us to identify and return lost items to you.
  5. No food or drinks of any kind permitted inside the dance studios, and food is to be consumed only in the Dancers’ Room.
  6.  Cancellation on the day of private lessons is considered a late cancellation and 100% fee will be charged. The exception to this will be when students is unwell, supported by a medical note. Any withdrawn from specific genres must be in accordance with our other policies and requires the written consent of the Artistic Director. There will be nil refund of Term fees and/or Examination Coaching fees (where applicable) once the first lesson has started.
  7.  Nil refund of Competition coaching fee once Competition coaching commences. Dancer is responsible for the applicable fees paid to competition organiser (eg. competition entry, competitor pass, program etc) if the amount have been paid for by Jitterbugs Swingapore®
  8. The cubby holes in the Dancers’ Room are for students to store their belongings when they attend their classes at Jitterbugs Swingapore®. Kindly note that personal items should not be stored overnight, and any items left behind for more than a week will be put into the Lost and Found. Items in the Lost and Found will be thrown away at the end of each Term.
  9. No photography or videography allowed of or during classes, unless specified by the teacher. Please respect this policy. While recording your child, you are also inadvertently recording other children in the class. We must protect the privacy of our many young students. By respecting this policy, you are allowing all our students to enjoy their classes without fear that their images might appear (unintentionally or otherwise) on Facebook, YouTube or other public media.
  10. We value our communication with our parents however there must be courtesy and decorum on both sides. Poor treatment of any Jitterbugs Swingapore® staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may result in the withdrawal of your child from the school.