Congratulations to all our beautiful dancers who performed at this past weekend’s CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition!  We are so proud of each and everyone of you!  A huge big Thank You to all parents and parent volunteers for your tremendous support over the weekend.

Here are the results from the weekend:


APDC 2014 16U Tap Solo - 2nd Place

7U Freestyle Solo

Natalie Mae Tan (Tap) – Honourable Mention (HM)

9U Jazz Solo

Chong I-Yin – 1st

12U Classical Solo

Michael Heng – HM

12U Jazz Solo

Anjali Iyer – 2nd

12U Novelty Solo

Emma Lim (Song & Dance) – 1st

12U Tap Solo

Koo Kar Har – HM

15U Jazz Solo

Bella Massey – 3rd

16U Tap Solo

Bella Massey – 2nd

Zen Lim – 3rd

Lizzie Massey – HM

Duos & TriosAPDC 2014 15U Duos & Trios - 2nd

7U Duos & Trios

Ashley Lim & Faith Soon – 2nd

9U Duos & Trios

Chong I-Yin & Jessica Baughman – 1st

Evie Lim, Koo Kar Yek & Natasia Chan – 3rd

12U Duos & Trios

Caitlin Lim, Koo Kar Har & Sarah Tan – 1st

Amy Lewis & Jennifer Lee – 3rd

Emma Lim, Samantha Herbert & Sarah Herbert – HM

15U Duos & Trios

Chong Koi Jun, Jennifer Tachibana & Patrick Friedlander – 2nd

Amisha Iyer & Timothy Ching – HM

Open Duos & Trios

Alysson Lam, Bella Massey & Lizzie Massey – 1st


15U Ensemble

Five Guys Named Moe (Tap) – 1st

Open Ensemble

Singing In The Rain Remix (Tap) – 2nd


7U GroupsAPDC 2014 15U Lyrical Group - 2nd

Cat In The Hat (Tap) – 1st

12U Groups

That’s Dancing (Tap) – 1st

9U Groups

Shaking At The High School Hop (Jazz) – 1st

12U Lyrical Groups

Wonderful World – 2nd

15U Classical / Contemporary / Lyrical Groups

Hallelujah (Lyrical) – 2nd

15U Groups

Coffee In A Cardboard Cup (Tap) – 1st

Open Groups

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (Jazz) – 3rd

APDC 2014 Open Group - 3rd

All photos taken by Lim Li-Hsien.