Our young competitors performed spectacularly at the CSTD Singapore Solo Competitions held over 4-5 Jul 2014. They danced and sang their hearts out, and we are so proud of them.

2014-06 Competitors 2

Congratulations to all our dancers and kudos to the following winners!

7U Freestyle (Tap) Solo

2014-06 Competitors IYE2NMT

Natalie Mae Tan – 2nd

Ashley Lim – Honourable Mention (HM)

7U Jazz Solo

Koo Kar Yek – 3rd

9U Jazz Solo

Evie Lim – 1st

Chong I-Yin – 2nd

Amy Lewis – HM

Kaitlyn Lee – HM

9U Tap Solo

2014-06 Competitors ALKLAL

Jessica Baughman – 2nd

Amy Lewis – 3rd

12U Classical Solo

Michael Heng – 2nd

Samantha Herbert – HM

12U Jazz Solo

Anjali Iyer – 1st

Sarah Tan – 3rd

Euan Lim – HM

Jennifer Lee – HM

12U Lyrical Solo

Euan Lim – HM

Georgia McKeering – HM

12U Novelty (Song & Dance) Solo

Emma Lim – 1s

12U Tap Solo

Koo Kar Har – 1st

Sarah Tan – 3rd

Jennifer Tachibana – HM

2014-06 Competitors 3

15U Jazz Solo

Bella Massey – 1st2014-06 Competitors BM

Natasha Went – 3rd

Amisha Iyer – HM

Portia Michau – H

15U Lyrical Solo

Bella Massey – 3rd

Amisha Iyer – HM

Natasha Went – HM

15U Tap Solo

Bella Massey – 1st

Zen Lim – 2nd

Timothy Ching – 3rd

18U Tap Solo

Lizzie Massey – 1st / HM


All photos taken by Lim Li-Hsien.