Fee Breakdown (INCL.GST)

pre program 4yrs
Non Family Rate       $308.16 (per 9wk term)
Family Rate               $269.64 (per 9wk term)
Pre Program 5yrs
Non Family Rate        $462.24 (per 9wk term)
Family Rate                $404.46 (per 9wk term)
45min Classes
Non Family Rate      $288.90 (per 9wk term)
Family Rate              $260.01 (per 9wk term)
1hr Classes
Non Family Rate      $385.20 (per 9wk term)
Family Rate              $346.68 (per 9wk term)
1.5hr Classes
Non Family Rate       $577.80 (per 9wk term)
Family Rate               $520.02 (per 9wk term)
Private Lessons
Private w/ Artistic Director (Ms Tiffany Wrightson)            $149.80 (per hour)
Private w/ Teacher                                                                 $128.40 (per hour)
Private w/ Teaching Assistant                                              $85.60 (per hour)
One Time Registration Fee
New Students (Only)                                                                                         $32.10 (incl. GST)
Re-Enrolment Fee
Existing Students (who re-enrol after priority enrolment period)                $32.10 (incl. GST)


  1. Family rate refers to families with two or more siblings enrolled into the Pre-Program and/or Program at Jitterbugs Swingapore®.
  2. All payments will be accompanied with a receipt sent to you via email.
  3. For payment of Term Fees, statements will be sent out to parents by the 
7th week of the current term for payment for the next term. Parents have until the last day of the current term to pay in full. We will not accept partial payment and partial payment does not mean that your child can remain in the class that is paid for. If payment is not received in full, your child will be withdrawn from Jitterbugs Swingapore®. Any re-enrolment into the next term after the due date will attract a re-enrolment fee. Eg. 
For 2019 Term 2 Fees, statements will be sent out by the 7th week of 2019 Term 1 and last day for payment is the last day of 2019 Term 1.
  4. For Concert and Exam Fees, if not paid by the due date, we will withdraw the child accordingly. For Exams, if your child does not take the exam, he/ she will not be allowed to progress to the next level.
  5. For Competitions Fees, if fees are not paid on time, we reserve the right to withdraw the child from competition at any time and/or he/she may not be considered for the next year’s competitions. For group items, we will re-pattern if necessary.
  6. Any withdrawal from specific genres must be in accordance with our other policies and requires the written consent of the Artistic Director
  7. We do not permit credit for private lessons or merchandise. Payment must be made up front.
  8. If a student is absent from one or more classes, no make up lesson will be offered in place of the students’ missed regular class/es. Where there are two timing options for one level, transferring between classes to make up a missed lesson is not permitted. If a student is falling behind in their classes due to missed lessons or otherwise, they can request for a chargeable private lesson, and we will accommodate where possible.
  9. In the event a teacher is absent and a relief teacher is unable to be provided, the class will be made up on an alternate date or the fee for that class will be credited to the family account. While we do our best to ensure class cancellations are minimal, if at all, sometimes due to injury or sickness, this is unforeseeable and/or unavoidable. At Jitterbugs Swingapore® we fully utilise our studios to offer the most comprehensive program possible to our students. As such, there is not a lot of free studio time. We aim to makeup lessons at the same day and time as they are usually scheduled during a week where there are no regular classes scheduled. If this is not possible, we will schedule at the most convenient alternate day and time that we can. If a student is unable to attend a make up lesson arranged for a reason deemed valid by the studio Directors, we will credit the family account.
  10. Any fees paid or partially paid will NOT BE REFUNDABLE unless Jitterbugs Swingapore® states otherwise.