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Year 2021
January 2021


Teacher, Choreographer

I believe that teaching is a great opportunity for me to share my passion for dance and help others push past their limits and expand their horizons.

Koi Jun’s dance journey started when he picked up tapping at four years old. Since then, he has also added Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Hip Hop to his repertoire. Under the guidance of Ms Tiffany Wrightson, he has completed the CSTD Tapping syllabus and the CSTD Modern Jazz syllabus. Furthermore, he has completed the CSTD Ballet syllabus under the tutelage of Ms Natalie Clarke and Ms Shanti Gomes as well as the CSTD Level 4 Contemporary examination under Ms Shermain Heng. Koi Jun has also studied Street Dance under An An from O School.

Koi Jun has performed in many competitions and events such as Get The Beat and the Singapore International Festival of Arts. In 2018, he was nominated for Get The Beat’s Most Entertaining Soloist award from over 30,000 performances world-wide. Recently, Koi Jun represented Singapore at the IDO World Tap Dance Championships 2017 in Riesa, Germany. Koi Jun has learnt much from these experiences and he is eager to share what he has learnt while continuing to explore dance together with his fellow dancers.