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Year 2023
February 2023


Teacher, Choreographer

I don’t want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance.

– George Balanchine

Jarrel started dancing at the age of 6, starting with Hip-hop before taking on Jazz and Tap, and has been pursuing dance ever since. He joined Jitterbugs in 2016 and has been further developing his dance, aiming to find and develop his own style. Jarrel has completed his Tap and Jazz syllabus, and his Teaching Certificate for tap.

Jarrel joined SOTA with the help of Ms. Tiffany Talon, and has received training in Ballet and Contemporary dance for 4 years, developing and strengthening his foundations through SOTA’s curriculum. Despite dropping dance in SOTA, he joined 2 dance-based projects, mainly Street Dance and Kpop CAS, participating in a number of performances. He has also taken part in multiple local dance competitions. These experiences have built up Jarrel’s foundation as well as aided in the development of his own personal style.

Jarrel has gained much insight into teaching through assisting classes as well as teaching privates the past year. He hopes to share his experience and aid in developing future dancers to fulfilling their potential.