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Year 2020
November 2020


Teacher, Choreographer

To me, dance is a beautiful method of expressing oneself, and I am thrilled to be able to explore this avenue with the younger dancers.

Taesha donned her first pair of dance shoes at the age of five and has been enjoying the journey for the past 10 years. She first joined Jitterbugs in 2017 and has training in Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet under the guidance of Ms Tiffany Wrightson, Ms Tiffany Tallon, Ms Shermaine Heng, Ms Shanti Gomes and Ms Wu Qianyi. The exposure has led her to discover more about dance, and simultaneously cultivate a strong appreciation for the different genres.

Taesha has participated in both local and international competitions since 2012. Additionally, aside from dancing at the studio, Taesha is also the captain of her school cheerleading team and has choreographed cheer routines for school events. She is also a member of her school Dance Club and trains under the guidance of Ms Low Mei Yoke, founder of the local company “Frontier Danceland”.

Taesha has gained much insight into teaching through her experience assisting classes the past few years and has built a strong passion for the art. Hence, she is eager to share her experience with the younger dancers and anticipates a fruitful journey ahead.